Mémoire - for one piano four hands (1998)


Duration: 7'

Program notes:

On a lovely autumn day many years ago, I awakened and found seven tiny toy elephants, all lined up in a half circle beside  my pillow.  It was a surprise from my father and his lovely way to start the morning of my seventh birthday.

"Pourquoi" was written in Paris the summer of 1998 after my father passed away, and having visited the Rodin Museum and Garden.  As I was sitting in the garden, my heart was both at peace and in sorrow, and I wondered why... 

When I was about thirteen years old, I got up very early on a foggy morning  for a class field trip.  All of us must meet at the train station at five o'clock sharp.  As I was just leaving, my father appeared and insisted that he would take me to the station by -- why, bicycle!  Off we went, in the dark, and in happiness.  Throughout the ride, he repeatedly asked if he could get some breakfast  for me.  It is this simple yet deep affection that has touched me always.  In the end, Papa and I arrived at the train station just in time!

My father shall always live in my heart.  He is a blissful memory of my life.