Pizzazz - for string quartet (2019)  

Duration: ca. 4'35"

Program Notes:

I have always loved the second movement of Ravel’s string quartet.  Fascinated by the charm and precision of pizzicato strings, I begin this piece with tutti pizzicato, with everyone playing equal parts to carry the uplifting yet mischievous melodies while the others provide a playful and driving accompaniment. 

The slow middle section strives to give each instrument its own unique melodic line that weaves together into a lush, full sound to contrast the previous intensity and forward momentum. 

The melodic interlude eventually returns back to the playful original theme, dashing through the final portion of this piece!

Pizzazz, for string quartet
  • Pizzazz, for string quartet

Pizzazz, for string quartet

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Pizzazz, for string quartet
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