Prayer for the Living- for strings (2020)   

Duration: ca. 8'40"

Program Notes:

‘Prayer for the Living’, written for string orchestra, was composed in August of 2020 when the world was experiencing such sorrow, difficulty, isolation, and the uncertainty of not knowing what tomorrow will bring because of the pandemic. 

As a composer, I express my emotions best through my music. So I wrote ‘Prayer for the Living’ to convey my sincere compassion for the suffering and losses many people have gone through, and to express a message of hope and a measure of comfort that better days will come, and that we can all get through this difficult time together. 

The melodic themes are introduced and passed back and forth between the respective string instrument sections. Numerous solo melodic passages are intertwined throughout the piece to provide an additional sparkle and colorful aura to the composition’s solemn sentiment. 

‘Prayer for the Living’ concludes with a gentle ascending melodic passage that represents peace, uplifting resolve and hope.