Spring Music, for cello and piano (2017)


  • Zephyr
  • Pastoral
  • Spring Fever
  • Morning Dew

Duration: Ca. 15' ( 4 pieces, which may be performed independently)

Program Notes:

“Spring Music” was composed in the spring of 2017, following my move from the hustle and bustle of New York City to a quiet community near Denver, Colorado. The coming of spring was announced with an abundance of beautiful wild flowers blooming in the yard of my new Colorado home and the neighboring open fields, providing wonderful inspiration for my composition.  

The title of the 1st movement “Zephyr” depicts a warm soft gentle breeze brushing against my cheek that tells me Spring is finally here.   

The beginning of the 2nd movement “Pastoral” captures the aura created by the gentle sunlight of a quiet spring afternoon, as it shines through the window and brightens my room with a warm glow. The calm is suddenly interrupted with a spirited Vivace section that depicts the sound and energy of the neighborhood children at play, and their ensuing laughter and delight!  In the end, the peaceful and tranquil opening passage is recapitulated to reflect the warm spring day. 

The 3rd movement “Spring Fever” is about the abundance of energy we feel, now that warm weather has arrived!  It begins with an energetic pattern established by the solo cello, with driving rhythmic and melodic lines that are carried throughout the entire movement between both the cello and piano.  The colorful harmonies and syncopated rhythms are somewhat bluesy and suggestive of ragtime. Abrupt changes in dynamics and registers in both instruments serve to create textures and develop thematic ideas, while keeping the syncopated motion driving relentlessly forward.  The music relaxes momentarily in a fleeting cantabile section, like briefly catching one’s breath, only to have the cello abruptly and emphatically restating the opening “Fever” theme and bringing the movement to its driven conclusion. 

In contrast to the “fever pitch” established in the 3rd movement, the 4th movement, “Morning Dew” is a return to the peaceful temperament of an early Spring morning.  A gentle melody is first introduced by the cello, and then blossoms into full statement as the melody is carried away by both the piano and cello, and finally comes to a quiet resolution, like the stillness of Spring morning dew.