Vignettes - for flute, clarinet, and bassoon (2017)


  • I, Midnight Blue 
  • II, At Dawn
  • III, Under the Sun
  • IV, Sunset Boulevard
  • V, 8:04 Express

Duration: 6'45"

Program Notes: 

“Vignettes” was created for an ensemble of three instruments with equally engaging parts. It consists of five short movements that illustrate different stages, or time periods, of any given day. 

The first movement, “Midnight Blue,” sustains a haunting melody that is alternately stated by all three instruments, enduring in the listener’s mind - reminiscent of a lingering, satisfying aftertaste after sipping a fine wine. 

The second movement, “At Dawn,” aspires to capture the peaceful calm of an early morning just before the sun breaks the horizon, while the third movement, “Under the Golden Sun,” portrays a fruitful harvest and the vigor of a day’s hard work. 

Rather than to depict a scenic portrait, the fourth movement, “Sunset Boulevard,” strives to suggest the exquisite atmosphere, tranquility and charm of a glorious sundown. 

The fifth movement, “8:04 Express,” is a rollicking tribute to an evening New York City express train that the composer used to commute to the conservatory where she taught for many years, prior to her relocation to Colorado.